Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 CrossStitch Crazy Days 2-7 Update

So I have been starting a NEW cross-stitch project each day for the first 15 days of January, but I have been such a slacker in posting progress pics :)  Oh well.  Here are some pics for Days 2-7 (although as I type this it is day 14 - maybe I will get to taking more pics later!)  And I have totally forgotten what I did on each day - so just progress pics I guess!

Renaissance Bookmark by Teresa Wenzler

Spooky Patch - actually is purple but looks blue in pic

HAED Elephant

Thomas Kincade

2 Days worth here - Little Bitty Kitty for January and February

I have really had some fun starting a new project each day - I keep them all kitted in a big bag by my stitchin chair. Although I am stuck now because today I started my 14th project and I was going to goto the cross stitch shop to get some threads for my Day 15 one, but got sidetracked doing some sewing on my sewing machine of scout patches on 9 different uniforms (for 5 hours!) - that might have to count as a Day 15 project!   I am thinking of keeping this rotation going - one project a day!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1 of the Challenge.....completed!

My first finish of 2012 - Drawn Thread Snowman Keep - it is very tiny. About 1 1/2 inches across, and I stitched it over 1 with a mix of DMC, metallic red threads and lots of beads. I finished it by folding up the sides, filling it with a little rice (kids thought that was hysterical) and whip stitching it closed with some of the red metallic thread coming out for tie. I am planning on tying it to my tiny scissors (when I get them back from MOM!) so that I don't keep misplacing my scissors when I stitch). This designer has a whole bunch of small scissor keeps for all seasons, holidays, etc. so I plan on making more - it was fun! 

Now that I am done with day 1 I can get started on my next project for tomorrow :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

So ready for 2012!!

I have been busy this week while on break from school and work to organize my life....so far so good!  I have kitted up my 15 projects for the big 2012CrazyCrossStitch challenge to start on January 1st :)  So excited!  And here are my two big finishes that I gave as gifts this Christmas:

For Josh - Darth Vadar - only used 310 DMC on Red Jobelen. Then I sewed up a piece of black cloth to make a border for the frame. Pattern is from http://www.myphotostitch.com/blog/tag/darth-vader
It was a lot of fun to stitch - no color changes!  And I started it in September and worked on it on an off, in front of Josh, who never really questioned what it was until he unwrapped it Christmas morning!

For Rob - Golf Shoe that I framed with a pic of him golfing from the tournament in Boston this past August.  I started the cross stitch on that trip too - finished it pretty quickly, and thanfully I found the perfect frame to put it in!  I am hoping he brings it to work to hang up since he doesn't have any 'space' in our house!  Pattern from http://www.patternsonline.com/Patterns/DownloadPat.aspx?P=6754 and I inscribed my own wording - done on Aida with DMC floss.

That is it for now!  Off to work on some WIP's before the new projects start on Sunday :)  Thanks for reading (I actually have some followers to my blog - how cool!)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Wipocolypse - Current projects that I need to finish!!

1. The Great Escape SAL from the Stitch Specialists - (photo credited to designer AbiGurden) - I started it and am using stash threads to work on the specialty stitches
The Great Escape (framed)
2. Hydrangea - Dimensions Gold Collection

3. It's A Grand Old Flag - Heartstings

4. Nativity Figures from A Christmas Remembered Book (8/11 are completed, need to finish 1 more and start the last two); sew together into figures when done

5. Twelve Days of Christmas - Teresa Wenzler (1 completed, 3 need backstitching, 1 just started, 7 to start); sew into ornaments when done

6. Miniature Autumn Sampler - Teresa Wenzler

Pieces to frame/finalize:
1. Indian Elephant - finished in Boston 2010

2. English Cottage Ornament Sampler - Teresa Wenzler - finished approx 2008

3. Cornucopia
4. 4th of July Star - make into ornament

Dates t o Remember to update progress pics:
January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

CrossStitch Crazy 2012 Projects - New Projects

Here is a list of 15 projects I am going to start in January (1st-15)....with the goal of completing them in 2012. I am not super sure of the order yet..pics to come!

1. Christmas Mosaic Ornament - M Designs (Gentle Art Sampler Threads)

2. In a Stable - Shepard's Bush (from Christmas Ornaments 2004, using Weeks Dye Works threads)

3. Little Bitty Quilt Jan/Feb by Val's Stuff (DMC)
4. Snowman Keeper - Drawn Thread (DMC and Mill Hill Beads)
5. Tree of Stitches (from the Stitch Specialists) - misc. threads
6. Thomas Kincade Lamplight Brooke (DMC on evenweave)

7. Wilderness Christmas - from Cross-Stitch Needlework Mag  (DMC and beads on evenweave)
8. Holiday Santa Faces (DMC with scrap fabrics)
9. Spring Scissors Keeper - Drawn Thread (misc threads/fabric)
10. HAED Elephant (DMC/silk threads on evenweave)
11 Renaissance Bookmark by Terersa Wenzler (DMC on bookmark aida)

12. Lizzie Kate Spooky Patch - DMC or Weeks Dye Works on black fabby

13. Some sort of Kindle cover (for the Kindle I know is coming under my Christmas Tree!)
14. Heart Throb - Drawn Thread
15. Tribal Sand Dollar - White Willow Stiching - I really like this design but will probably change the colors.
Tribal Sand Dollar - Cross Stitch Pattern

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goals for 2012

So I have been looking through a lot of other stitcher blogs and am thinkin about my stichin goals for next year.  I joined the FB CrossStitchCrazy 2012 group and their goal is to 1 new pattern for the first 15 days of January with the goal of finishing those projects by the end of the year. Quite the challenge, but I am trying to refocus my 'pattern' of picking huge projects that unfortunately sit as UFO's for quite a while before I get tired of the pattern and discard it!  I am trying to find some smaller pieces that will help me accomplish this goal!  Anyway, I am going to spend the next few weeks going through my stash to reorganize for this challenge.  In the meantime, I am finishing up the Darth Vadar pic (xmas gift for Josh so I need to get it done!) and pulling out my holidays projects I have been working on for years - the Nativity and 12 Days of Christmas (Teresa Wenzler) - pics to follow....

There is also a bunch of stitchers doing the 2012WIPocalypse - where you finish all your old projects before the world ends next December :)   I am going to compile my projects and pics to plan on working on that one as well....busy year ahead!

Thanks for reading!

PS - Updated to post pic of Vadar - here is finished product (not my pic  but I am so close to finishing - only 5 more days until it needs to be wrapped! Mine is black DMC on red fabby.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My New Blog!

So, I decided to try to start blogging about my cross-stitch.  It won't be really exciting to anyone other than fellow stitchers but whatever, I want to try it!  I have a ton of pics to upload but for now will just start small with my favorite - the Elephants pic.  I love elephants and it took me forever to finish that one but I got it framed and it hangs in our dining room. More pics to follow once I think of something exciting to write about :)

Currently working on Darth Vadar (black DMC on red jobelen)